Rebranding... Should you do it?

First off, when we talk about a rebranding, we’re not only talking about your Visual Identity (Logo, Look and Feel) – your brand is far more than that. Your brand is your Visual Identity, Your Purpose, Mission and Values, Brand Messaging, Brand Differentiation, and Brand Experience. Your brand is how the outside world views you… so changing this is a huge deal, especially for an established business.


Here are four compelling reasons why a fresh coat of paint on your brand might just be the game-changer you’re looking for.

1. Your business has evolved

Picture this: your values have taken a new turn, your vision has broadened, or maybe your target consumers are a whole different breed now. When your brand needs to keep up with your changing business, a rebrand is not just an option – it’s a necessity. It’s all about realignment, ensuring that your external image mirrors the internal metamorphosis. Check out our article about being positioned for success for more information on this.

person choosing colours for rebranding at a desk

2. Your current look may just be badly designed

Perhaps your brand’s aesthetic is reminiscent of a trend that went out of style faster than a goldfish’s attention span. Or, maybe your logo was a masterpiece created by your artsy cousin using Microsft Word stock images and Comic Sans. If your brand needs a more professional touch, it’s time to bid farewell to what’s making you look bad and usher in a new era of visual appeal.

bad example logo made using microsoft word and Comic Sans font. This needs rebranding
This logo is just a joke actually made using Microsoft Word and Comic Sans.

3. An oldie, but a goodiE

Your brand might be a classic, like a vintage wine, but even the classics need a modern touch. If your branding is still living in the pre-digital age, a refresh could be the key to staying relevant. Look at it as an evolution – preserving your brand recognition while giving it a contemporary facelift.

Man fixing his tie. He has a classic style and doesn't rebranding

4. An Actual Disaster

Sometimes, life throws curveballs – a PR crisis, a product recall, or a tarnished reputation. When the going gets tough, a rebrand can serve as the phoenix rising from the ashes, offering a clean slate and a chance to rebuild trust and credibility.

Person in an office panicking. They have a fire extinguisher in hand. Something went wrong.

If you find yourself nodding along to any of these scenarios, maybe it's time to consider rebranding – a strategic move that could redefine your narrative in the grand story of your business.Here's to the power of reinvention!

person choosing colours for rebranding at a desk

Should You Rebrand?

Rebranding… Should you do it? First off, when we talk about a rebranding, we’re not only talking about your Visual Identity (Logo, Look and Feel)

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