Are you positioned for success?
Why Brand Positioning is important.

What’s your brand positioning statement? Do you know? Many businesses have a strong product or service that they offer, but they don’t know where to position it or themselves.

One of the services we offer at Enuff Agency is helping you define your brand positioning within a competitive market. Are you positioned for success?

Why bother?

In today’s often crowded marketplace customers have choices, so I’ll ask you… what makes you stand out? Why should they choose you over the next company over who does it for 3% cheaper? Does working with you fit their way of working?

You bother because you want to attract the right clients. The ones who share your values and value the work you do. You don’t have to be for everyone, but there are clients out there for you.

People Planning a brand positioning strategy. Are you positioned for success?

How do we develop a strong brand positioning?

This is where research comes in.

In order to develop a strong brand positioning, we need to understand a few things:

Who is your customer?

What do they need? How do they behave and what are their preferences? These answers can be unpacked with the use of a few tools and a bit of research.

Who is your competition?

What are their strengths and weaknesses? What are their values? Do they meet all their client needs, or have they left a needs gap you can fill?

What makes you stand out?

Your Unique Value Proposition or Unique Selling Point is key to where you are positioned in the market. This is what makes you stand out against the competition and one of the reasons they may choose you. 

You can’t be everything to everyone. Stand for what you believe in and the right clients will be drawn to you.

With this information your brand personality including Visual Identity, Tone of Voice and Brand Messaging can be created. Allowing you to communicate your business consistently across all touchpoints.

While developing your brand positioning, remember to focus on authenticity and what your brand truly stands for. Avoid approaching it solely from the perspective of what you think you should be. Authenticity holds immense value, and like-minded clients are out there waiting to connect with you.

Having a strong brand positioning allows you to build your brand within the right audience and cultivate loyal customers who share your values

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