Leave Your Visual Identity Alone

Visual Identity is an exciting part of branding, and the itch to revamp your brand’s look and feel is always there, especially when you’re looking to grow. But let’s be real about why, sometimes, it’s just better to keep things as they are.

YouR Visual Identity has recognition

If people already know and recognise your brand at a glance, changing things up might confuse them. Recognition is gold in business, and if your visual identity is doing the trick, why mess with a good thing?

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Just because you're bored with it, doesn't mean your Visual Identity needs to change

You see your brand every day. Your customers see it when they need to. It’s natural that you could get bored of seeing the same thing, day-in and day out.  Change your mindset to see your Visual Identity as well-worn tool. Do your research, know your customers, and craft your messages in a way that connects with them. Your current look is the Robin to your Batman,  allowing you to communicate your brand effectively effectively; let it work for you.

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Changing Your Visual Identity Can Be Pricey

Let’s get down to the green. A complete visual overhaul can hit your wallet hard. When you change your logo and Identity think about all the bits and pieces that go with it, from small things like e-mail signatures to bigger investments, like vehicle and store signage. It all adds up. Unless change is absolutely necessary, focus on what matters most. Allocate your resources wisely, making impactful improvements without breaking the bank.

Man planning Brand Identity and Visual Identity change

If it's working, don't fix it –
enhance it wisely.

Stability doesn’t mean you’re stuck in the past; it means you’ve found a formula that works. If your brand is already turning heads, using your visual elements smartly and saving on unnecessary costs by leaving your look as it is can be a savvy move. Remember, change just for the sake of change rarely leads to success. Purposeful changes, made with a clear strategy, are the secret sauce for business success. If it’s working, don’t fix it – enhance it wisely.

person choosing colours for rebranding at a desk

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