Packaging design for sales

In a retail environment packaging design can be the difference between making your product go into a basket, or losing out to a competitor. So, how do you make sure you stand out in the sea of similar products?

In a very specific hierarchical order, this is how you can stand out on the shelf.

1. Strong Graphic Design

Have you ever stood in the grocery store aisle not knowing which brand to pick? We bet you chose the one with more visually appealing packaging design. The colours, typography and possibly photography catches your eye and forces you to pay attention. Getting the attention in the first place is half the battle won.

graphic design colours for packaging design

2. what is it?

Once a package has caught your eye, what happens next? You need to know what it is or does.

Let’s start looking at an example in which you’re selling a milk which is enriched with vitamin d. 

3. reason to buy

Next is a compelling Reason to Buy. A compelling Reason to Buy is crafted from the research done on your buyers and identifying their pain points.

We have a whole article about buyer personas with a FREE TEMPLATE HERE.

Your main target market is moms who buy milk for their families. You know from your research and creating buyer personas that their main concern is buying the best they can for their families and specifically for their kids.

They want a milk that is natural with no artificial ingredients or chemicals.

They want a product that they know is good for their family.

woman looking for well designed items on shopping shelf

Continuing with the milk example; your packaging is beautiful and it says Milk on it.

It also says with Enriched Vitamin D – which is what you think your Reason to Buy is.

If you look in your grocery store there are already a lot of milks on the shelf. Many of them say Milk enriched with Vitamin D… no really, go have a look there are a lot. But how many of them tell you why they put Vitamin D in the milk? This is a missed opportunity.


Almost all milk today is fortified with Vitamin D. It was added in the 1930’s to help combat rickets, a childhood bone disorder caused by Vitamin D and Calcium deficiency. Vitamin D in milk is a good way to get extra Vitamin D into the body, and optimal levels of Vitamin D increase Calcium absorption. Bam! Two birds with one stone.

The reason for Vitamin D in your milk is improved bone health for growing children, and that’s your Reason to Buy. Thsi reason meets the pain points of the target market… but almost every brand of milk on your local supermarket shelf fails to tell you this.


Vitamin D Enriched Milk


Promotes improved bone health in growing children

Note: The milk is example is fairly on the nose. We have clients who’s primary motivations are where things are made, or companies owned. That’s why the Made in USA line is so important for a lot of American products, as it can be the Reason to Buy.

In Ireland, where we are based, Made in Ireland, or 100% Irish Owned can be a Reason to Buy in some segments. It could be that teh phrase; “All Natural”,  or a “Vegan” statement is reason enough.

This is why doing your research is so important. You never know what opportunities will present themselves.

4. Support the Reason to Buy

With Facts

If you’re making claims, you best back them up. If your audience has been drawn in by the design, what it is and the claim, there’s a chance they’ll want to know more. So tell them. Add some facts about your claim and make it legitimate!

with emotions

Story telling is a strong tool once we have the attention of our buyers and they have the product in hand for a closer look.

For example: 

“Give your loved ones the gift of strong, healthy bones! Our milk is specially enriched to promote improved health, making it the perfect choice for growing kids and teens. Packed with essential calcium and nutrients, every sip contributes to their healthy development.”

5. The Nitty Gritty

You’ll need all the legal bits in there, like ingredients, certifications, etc.
This is there for whoever wants to read it.

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